Preventive Care

95% of all dental problems can be prevented. Our office is committed to helping our patients achieve dental health by practicing preventive dentistry. Forming good dental habits early on will save time, expense, and lead to a lifetime of good health.

Preventing dental disease begins with the initial comprehensive examination. Many of our patients remark that this is the most thorough dental exam they have ever experienced.

During the exam Dr. Molina will ask questions to determine what your dental past has been like, questions such as:

  • what medical conditions may be contributing to your dental condition?
  • what are your home care habits?
  • what are your typical food and beverage choices?
  • are you getting new cavities?
  • what kind of dental work has been done, and why?
  • what kind of periodontal (gum) care have you had in the past?

With this information Dr. Molina will develop a plan to maximize your ability to prevent future dental problems. Prevention can consist of many different steps, and will be tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

Digital x rays and intra-oral video allow accurate diagnosis of small areas of beginning decay or restoration failure, which can often be quite easily halted by non-invasive procedures such as dental sealants or dental bonding

Our skilled hygienists Debbie and Jana will instruct you in an effective combination of home care techniques which can include sonic toothbrushes, different devices to clean between teeth such as floss, plastic picks, and interproximal brushes. They will provide you with the tools you need to prevent gum problems and decay.

Fluoride applications can be extremely effective in preventing dental caries (tooth decay) in both children, and in older adults where dry mouth can create conditions promoting root decay. Fluoride tablets can be used by children up to age 12. Fluoride rinses, varnishes, and prescription strength toothpaste confer benefits to those who have had repeated cavities in the past.

We respect all patients choices and for those who choose not to use fluoride products we will maximize all the other many preventive techniques available. Dr. Molina’s personal experience in raising his own four children (now ages 22 -34) has been that with the benefit of sealants, fluoride, and regular check-ups there has only been one cavity to date. One small cavity in over 100 years of regular care is a dramatic illustration of the effectiveness in preventive dentistry, and we offer the benefits to all our patients, particularly the younger ones who are getting started.