Your Comfort is Our Concern

Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

For many people, a trip to the dentist can cause anxiety. Dr. Molina believes that your comfort and confidence is absolutely essential for excellent dental care. Fortunately with modern dental advances and a skillful dentist who truly cares about your comfort your appointment will go smoothly and pleasantly.

The first step is that at your initial examination the doctor will spend time asking you about your past dental care. What did you like about your past experiences, and what would you change? What things have raised your anxiety in the past?

With this information Dr. Molina will design a plan for you to achieve successful treatment. We want our patients to know that they are in control of their treatment, and we will not proceed until the patient is confident and completely comfortable. We use a combination of techniques:

  • Satellite TV mounted on the ceiling allows patients to choose an entertaining program to help the appointment go by quickly and smoothly.
  • For patients who request, our office provides nitrous oxide sedation (gas) which is easy effective, and safe.
  • Some patients choose to use an oral sedative taken 30 minutes before the visit
  • Topical anesthetics (numbing gel) are useful for making cleanings and local anesthetic comfortable.
  • We encourage the patient to communicate at all times. At any time during the procedure the patient may lift a finger. This is our signal it is time to pause and talk with the patient to make sure all is well.
  • Often we will use all of the above or whatever it takes to make sure every patient has a successful visit.

We believe a relaxed, stress-free patient allows us to do our best work, and makes dentistry a breeze for the patient. Patient comfort is our first and most important job.